General Information:

The mission of the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard is "to defend the sovereign good of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and to provide, on a continuous basis, quality service for security and safety within its maritime boundaries and in any other area of responsibility agreed to by the state to fulfil its international obligation."  As a member of the Coast Guard team, you will play a key role in supporting this mission.
The Coast Guard is an arm of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force, which falls under the authority of the Ministry of National Security.

National Roles of the Coast Guard Thumbnail

.  Surveillance of the Waters under T & T Jurisdiction
.  Logistical Support to T & T Land Forces
.  Port Security (ISPS Code)
.  Assistance in Scientific Research
.  Aid to Civil Law Enforcement
.  Anti-Smuggling / Counter-Narcotic Operations (MOF)
.  Fisheries Protection and Enforcement (MAL&MR)
.  Pollution Surveillance and Enforcement (MPU&E)
.  Safety of Shipping (MOW&T)



Operational Tasks

.  Keeping surveillance of the nation's off-shore installations
.  Environmental protection, minor salvage and local maritime surveys
.  Cooperating with other naval forces.

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